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Free Tour Barletta


Discover Barletta with an exciting tour, highly recommended

Castel  del Monte


The "Castel del Monte" of Andria.

The "pearl" of the South


The "La Salina of Margherita di Savoia", for reservations  better one week before.

Canne della Battaglia Archaeological Park

Situated on the site of an ancient Daunia village, the Canne della Battaglia Archaeological Park safeguards valuable artefacts from the Roman, Paleo-Christian, and Medieval eras.

Tour di Andria 

The walking tour of Andria is not just any tour, but rather an alternative way to visit the spectacular beauty of this Apulian city by concentrating everything in one day.

Tour in Canosa

Not only known as one of the most ancient cities in Puglia, Canosa is one of the oldest continually inhabited urban settlement in Italy.

Alta Murgia National Park 

The Alta Murgia National Park is the last example of Mediterranean steppe and contains drystone buildings, fortified masserie (farmsteads) and the magic of Castel del Monte.

Swabian Castle of Barletta


Frederick II included Barletta Castle as one of the castles of the Terra di Bari (Land of Bari).

Minervino Murge


The scenic “Balcony over Puglia” holds a charming old town and the sacred San Michele Arcangelo Grotto.

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